Reed Evins Art custom dog portraits




Reed Evins

Reed is an imaginative designer with a fresh modern sensibility and style. After studying at the Rhode Island School of Design, he created footwear under the Reed Evins label for some of the world’s most acclaimed fashion designers. They include Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, Bill Blass, and Anne Klein. Celebrities Oprah, Sharon Stone, and Beyonce are also clients. Reed has long been admired in the industry for elegant, trend-setting ladies’ footwear and accessories. 

His sketches and artwork have always been a favorite of fellow artists and designers. 

Reed’s recent collection of paper dog collages cleverly uses his unique sense of color, texture, and unexpected materials. His art projects an upbeat, soulful spirit that elevates any interior.

Reed Evins Art

417 east 57th street  NYC, NY 10022

T 212 980 1282

M 347 738 0752

Custom Portrait $600  (framed)

Print $40  (packaged by breed)